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Pakistani nationals can now apply online for select services.
The online facility for Registration/ Visa Extension/ Return Visa/ NORI/ Exit Permit/ Visa Conversion/ Change of Address/ Change of Port/ Change of Travel Mode/ Registration Extension/ Additional Places of Visit/ Change of Passport is available for only selected FRROs/FROs, before proceeding kindly choose your Present Nationality and State and City/District where you are staying. If your State and City/District are not mentioned in the list, contact concerned FRROs/FROs office directly.
Present Nationality :
State :
City/ District :
Frro/ FRO Description :
Please choose the desired form(s)
Visa Extension
Return Visa/ NORI
Exit Permit
Visa Conversion
New Visa
Change of Address
Registration Extension
Change of Passport
Change of Port
Change of Travel Mode
Additional Places of Visit
Restricted/ Protected Area Permit
You can select multiple options at a time for availing more than one service.
Only one form will be printed for all the above selected service.
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